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Bring to Front Action

You can use Bring to Front actions to place components on top of a scene. At this prominent position, the corresponding content is emphasized and draws the attention of users. You can enable users to select what they want to see, but you can also direct their flow of interaction.

Creating a Bring to Front Action

Select the component to trigger the action. Go to the Actions tab in Inspector and click the button below the Actions list. Then select the Bring to Front action from the pop-up menu.

You can now select the Event, Receiver, and other general settings for the action. For more information on general settings of actions, see Using Actions.

Using Bring to Front Actions

Bring to Front actions are straightforward. By touching any part of a component that is covered by other components, users indicate they want to see the corresponding content. It wouldn't be reasonable to start a video on a Media Player component of which the user can merely see a little corner.

Also, if by their interaction users arrive at a situation that needs instruction, the corresponding component can be brought to the front. Finally, by bringing components to the front, you can emphasize content and draw attention to it. In a subtle way, you can therefore direct the flow of interaction by bringing the proper component to the front.

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