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Play Action

You can use Play actions to dynamically create a Media Player component for media playback. The action allows you to configure a playlist for the created component.

Creating a Play Action

Select the component to trigger the action. Go to the Actions tab in Inspector and click the button below the Actions list. Then select the Play action from the pop-up menu.

You can now select the Event, Receiver, and other general settings for the action. For more information on general settings of actions, see Using Actions.

Play Action Settings

The Play action offers the following settings:

Using Play Actions

You can use a Play action to dynamically create a Media Player component in the interface. The new component is created by the action and does not have to be created by you beforehand. However, this may restrict your control somewhat, for Styles aren't available in this case.

The Play action is convenient if you want to show media playback for a limited amount of time and then remove the Media Player component from the interface. You can accomplish this with a regular media player using Show and Hide actions, but the Play action simplifies this process greatly.

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