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Show Action

You can use Show actions to make components appear in the multi-touch scenario. These components may have been invisible from the onset of the scene or they can be shown again after they were hidden by other actions.

Creating a Show Action

Select the component to trigger the action. Go to the Actions tab in Inspector and click the button below the Actions list. Then select the Show action from the pop-up menu.

You can now select the Event, Receiver, and other general settings for the action. For more information on general settings of actions, see Using Actions.

Using the Show Action

Show actions are useful for making components appear or reappear. In general, those components will either have their Visible property disabled in the Layout properties of the Inspector or have been hidden by a Hide action. Either way, a Show action will cause them to appear in the multi-touch interface.

Note: Triggering a Show action on a component that is already visible has no further effect.

This basic functionality has a great potential for variation. It is particularly useful for components with children. For instance, you can use a Show action for a Button component to show a layer of image components, and a separate button to show another layer with Media Player components.

Without any other measures, you would have both layers visible after clicking both buttons. Most likely, this leads to a crowded looking interface. To remedy this, you may want to consider using the Hide action to hide components that aren't needed.

Work Example

In this example, we'll use the show action to make a Layer component appear while hiding another. You can find this example in the MediaDrop 2.0 demo project. Since the settings have already been made in the demo project, you can follow these steps to see how it was done.

This project has two images that can be dropped on a Drop Pane. When either of the two is moved and touches the Drop Pane, it fills the Drop Pane. In addition, a text label is shown in the upper part of the scene, an the Media Player starts playing a video.

Select "Touch Image Icon" component in the Scene Manager and then click on the Actions tab of the Inspector. Then proceed as follows.

  1. Click on the assigned Show action.
  2. Since this is a Button component, the default event has been set to Enter Drop Pane.
  3. Select the "Touch Image Text" scene as the Receiver of the action,.

When the "Touch Image Icon" is moved on the Drop Pane, the "Touch Image Text" is shown as required.

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