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Importing Assets

Importing media files into Touch Creator is quite easy. Just drag and drop the corresponding files from the desktop or from Finder directly onto the Touch Creator interface. If compatible, they will be imported as assets. Check this section to see which files you can import in Touch Creator.

When you drop media files on the Touch Creator interface, a window will indicate the import progress. After the import has been completed, the imported assets will be available in the Asset tab of the Library. They will remain there provided you save the project.

You can also drag entire folders with a number of media files into the interface to import them. Touch Creator will reproduce the structure of the imported folders in the Library by creating the corresponding groups and subgroups, and putting the corresponding assets in them.

Note: We recommend always allowing asset imports to finish before dropping more assets onto the Touch Creator interface.

HTML Assets

Adding websites is done differently. Right click on any spot in the Assets pane of the Library and select Add Asset -> Media -> HTML. A new HTML asset will be created. Adjust the target URL and add the HTML asset to your scenario by dragging it onto the Stage.

As a result, a Media Player component will be created with the HTML assets in its playlist. Alternatively, you can add a Media Player component by moving it onto the Stage and then dragging the HTML asset into the playlist field in the Inspector. Of course, you can add multiple websites to the playlist.

Live Video Input Assets

This type of asset also doesn't need to be imported. Right click on any spot in the Assets pane and select Add Asset -> Live Video Input. A new Live Video Input asset will be created. No matter how often it is put into the scene, all instances of this asset show the video stream as configured in the Capture Settings of Creator Preferences. For further details, please refer to the this section.

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