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Live Video Input

The Live Video Input asset needs special mention. It allows to capture and display live content from sources with video capabilities, such as other Macs or live TV streams.

The asset is always available in Touch Creator, but in Touch Player a separate license is required to use it. Otherwise, a text is overlaid that indicates the Player is not properly licensed to play back the asset. To obtain a license please contact ~sedna gmbh or your local distributor.

Adjusting the Live Video Input

The Live Video Input cannot provide content on your Creator Mac unless a live video source is installed and configured. If a video source is available, go to Creator Preferences to enable the Live Video Input preview. Click on the Edit Settings button to modify the settings for a Live Video Input asset. For further details, please refer to the Video Input settings of Touch Player Preferences.

Using Live Video Input

To add a Live Video Input asset to your project, go to the Assets tab of the Library, right-click on any spot of the Assets list, and select Add Asset > Live Video Input. Then drag the asset onto the Stage. A new Media Player component will automatically be created, and the asset will be added to its playlist.

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