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Media Assets

Media assets are the bread and butter components of Touch Creator. They offer the content needed to win over your audience and convince them of your brand. In Touch Creator, the following Media assets are available:

Adding Media Assets

Adding Media assets to your Touch Creator project is straightforward. Just drag the corresponding media files and drop them on the user interface of Touch Creator. As a result, the corresponding files will be added as Media asset items within the Assets tab of the Library pane.

Alternatively, you can also first add an Media asset item and then assign media files to it. To do so, right-click on the Assets pane and select Add AssetMedia → and the corresponding media type. The following image shows the selection mentioned.

After you have made your choice regarding the media type, a dialog will be displayed where you can select the particular media file for this asset. You can change the properties of the new asset in the Properties pane at the right-hand side of the Lilbrary pane.

HTML Media Asset

A special case is the HTML media asset that needs to be treated differently. If you create this asset type, an entry will be created, but no dialog will be displayed to select a file. The content to be displayed in the new asset item is set in the Properties pane.

Give the new asset a Name that allows you to identify it quickly. In the URL field, you can set the content to be shown. You have the choice between the following entry types:

Using Media Assets

Audio-visual media are a universal language that allows you to express anything you need to express. Not much shall be said here about the content of your media, this is up to you to select or create.

Especially in regard to the visual media, Touch Creator gives you a plethora of ways to manipulate the visual appearance of the media used. You can move, rotate, zoom and otherwise visually change and structure the look of the assets without changing their contents. Here we would like to direct you to the Components, Styles, and Actions that describe the means to make your project visually more attractive.

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