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Using Assets

This section gives an overview on how to work with assets. Assets are the basic content in ~sedna touch that provide color, motion, sound and drama to you multi-touch scenario. In Touch Creator, the following asset types are available:

Note that the Live Video Input assets needs a special video capture license for Touch Player. In Touch Creator you can use the asset as usual, but without the proper license, in Touch Player a text is overlaid that indicates the Player is not properly licensed to play back the asset.

In addition to the asset types mentioned, you can use plugins offered by ~sedna to achieve special effects. At the moment, there is a trial version of the famous Koi Pond available that simulates a real aquarium with Koi fish that even respond to the touches of the audience on the "water surface".


The asset workflow is straightforward. First you import the assets into Touch Creator. Please refer to this section to see how to import assets. Next we recommend you organize your assets to ease your future work with them. Go to this section to see how to efficiently manage assets.

In the final step of this simple workflow, you drag the assets onto the Stage. Whenever you carry out a drag and drop, a Media Player will be created on the spot. If you drop multiple assets at the same time, just one Media Player component will be created and the assets will be added to its playlist.

Note that there is some difference depending on what you drop on the Stage. If you drop a single image asset on the Stage, an Image component is created that actually is a Media Player just showing the one image without any playback control. Dropping multiple images at the same time creates a plain Media Player with a playlist that contains the dropped images.

Dropping audio assets has no effect altogether, since audio assets can only be used in some Actions. Also, audio assets dropped together with other types of assets will be ignored when the playlist for the newly created Media Player is composed.

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