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Drop Pane Component

The Drop Pane component creates an area on the interface that will "capture" other components when they touch the drop pane while being dragged by the user. To specify which exact components can be captured, drop groups can be specified.

You can set up a variety of responses for drop panes, such as triggering media content or working with a second display.

Creating a Drop Pane Component

Simply drag and drop the Drop Pane component from the Library into the Stage. Also, a corresponding entry will be created in the Scene Manager. You can drag the entry to its place in the Scene Manager.

Using a Drop Pane Component

Drop panes capture other components in a specified area to perform various actions. The appearance of a drop pane can be customized in the Properties tab. You can show the Drop Pane pane in the interface, but you also might want to make it invisible in order to surprise users. However, this should be done for specific reasons as this could also confuse the audience.

You can use Drop Panes in conjunction with the Enter Drop Pane and Exit Drop Pane events to trigger actions. This is useful for triggering style actions to create a smoother transition between the drop pane and other components. You can also use these with a Play action to open a Media Player component.

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