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Text Component

The purpose of Text components is simply to display text in a scene. Touch Behavior options are disabled by default in Text components. However, they are available as in other components such as Media Player and Image components.

Creating a Text Component

Simply drag and drop the Text component from the Library into the Stage. Also, a corresponding entry will be created in the Scene Manager. You can drag the entry to its place in the Scene Manager.

Text components have default Layout and Text settings when added to multi-touch scenarios. Adjust these settings according to your objectives. The use of the Templates option is great for Text components. This may save you from adjusting properties for many Text components all over again.

Working with Text components is very similar to working with any other text application you're familiar with, such as Pages, and many of the well-known principles apply to them as well.

Using a Text Component

Text components are useful for a variety of situations. You can use them to head line your scene, to give instructions for a game, or as descriptive labels in your scenario. Being a versatile part of Touch Creator, their uses are practically unlimited. The size of Text components is not automatically adjusted to the text used in them. You have to take care of that yourself.

Work Example

In this example, we will use a Text component to add simple instructions to the screen. You can find this example in the MediaDrop 2.0 demo project. Since the settings have already been made in the demo project, you can follow these steps to see how this project works.

Start by clicking on the Text component called "Drop Text" in the Scene Manager. Take a look at the Text properties. You can see that several settings have been changed to customize the Text component.

The Text property has been changed to "Drag the pictures into the box!". Shadow Color has been changed to black and Shadow Offset was given a value of 10 px for X and Y. Also, Shadow Blur is set to 10 px, softening the shadow a bit.

You can compare this more closely by adding your own Text Component to the scene. Text properties are a matter of aesthetics and can be changed to fit the look of your particular scenario.

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