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The interface of Touch Creator is designed for intuitive use and for effectively helping you visualize your multi-touch scenario as you create it. This section helps you getting acquainted with the different parts of the interface. Interface
Touch Creator's interface consists of the following panes:

  1. Scene Manager: Here you can view and change the structure of your multi-touch scenario, and also manage the configured displays.
  2. Inspector: In this pane, you can control the appearance and the behavior of components by modifying the corresponding properties. You can assign actions to components and so enhance the interactivity of your multi-touch scenario. Last, but not least, component styles.
  3. Library: Your stored content assets, components, plugins, and templates are managed in this pane. On the right hand side you have an asset preview pane.
  4. Stage: Preview and test the multi-touch functionality of your project in this pane. The Stage operates either in the Edit or Preview mode.
  5. Toolbar: Control the Stage and publish your project to Touch Player.

By dragging the edges between the panes, you can resize all of the panes in the interfaces to create a setup that best suits your personal workflow.

Useful Tips

Entering Numeric Values: You can type a numeric value into a field to set or change it. As an alternative, right-click into the corresponding field and hold the mouse button. When moving the mouse left and right, you will see the value changing up and down accordingly. A third way is to use the UP and DOWN keys to increase or decrease the value of the selected field. This helps you set numeric values quickly and also visualize transitions, such as an object moving to a new position.

Dropdown Filtering: When picking entries from a drop-down lists, e.g. when setting the background image of a layer, you can click the field and scroll through the list. However, if you have imported a large number of assets, the list may be quite long. To quickly find an individual entry, just start typing the name of the asset in the field. Touch Creator will show only the items that start with the characters typed.

Search Function: If you need to find individual Library assets or Scene Manager components, press the ⌘ + F keys or go to Project → Search. A dialog will open that has a field where you can enter a search string and a list with matches. Initially the list shows all available items. As you type a search string, the list will show just the items that contain the search string within their names.

Reveal in Project / Reveal in Finder: If you need to know where individual Library assets are used in the Scene Manager or stored on the hard drive, right-click on the asset. You will find the Reveal in Project and Reveal in Finder entries. Click on the former to see where the assets is used in the project, the Stage will list all occurrences. Click on the latter to open Finder and see where the asset is stored as a file.

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