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Your workflow in Touch Creator will vary depending on what kind of multi-touch scenario you are creating and how often you have to update content. However, some basic concepts apply to any project workflow in Touch Creator. The following graphic depicts the basic workflow:

The first step is importing media into Touch Creator. A clear vision of which content you want to use in your multi-touch scenario is very helpful. To a degree, content can be edited directly in Touch Creator by way of the various property settings. Nevertheless, you should consider optimizing certain aspects of the media before importing them, for instance the size of video files to keep your projects more compact.

After importing your media assets, you can begin to build your multi-touch scenario. This is the time to establish the structure of the scenario by way of organizing scenes, layers, components and the assets contained in them. This is the conceptual phase of the workflow and a good time to determine the way content, design and interactivity work together, and to then proceed from there.

At this stage you will make use of properties, actions and components that constitute the building blocks of multi-touch scenarios. Any of these are described in some detail in their corresponding chapters. As you work with these features, you may want to save them as templates for later use in other multi-touch scenarios. The use of templates can save you much time at this step of the workflow in the future.

After you have finished setting up your multi-touch scenario, you can publish it to Touch Player. To accomplish this, click on the Sync button in the toolbar. Learn more about syncing on this page.

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