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Koi Pond Plugin

A trial version of the Koi Pond plugin is provided with any Touch Creator license. As with most plugins, the Koi Pond plugin adds special functionality to a Touch Creator project. It provides an appealing aquarium with realistic appearance, where the Koi fish even respond to the touches of the audience.

There are some thing you should consider when working with this plugin. We recommend you don't allow scaling or rotating the Koi Pond. Also, the default Underwater and Surface layers should not be reordered in the Scene Manager.

You should also know that elements with opacity placed in the Surface layer will add opacity to underlying components. After reordering text elements in the Scene Manager, a component refresh may be necessary. Simply hide and show the plugin once to update the stage.
In the Inspector, you can make some modifications to the Koi Pond. Open the Aquarium section in Inspector to modify the following settings.