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Understanding Plugins

Plugins are special content made by ~sedna gmbh. Currently, a trial version of the Koi Pond plugin is included in the Touch Creator package. This plugin creates a top view of a pond with koi fish swimming in it. The plugin also offers special functionality in that the fish interact with user touches.

New plugins can be developed in cooperation with the ~sedna gmbh team. To create a personalized plugin takes some time and effort, but then you have a plugin exclusively available for your brand. If you wish to have your own plugin developed, please contact us to learn about the contracting conditions.

Using Plugins

Plugins work the same way as most components that are visible in the interface. The main difference is that a plugin already has content. Also, it has some exclusive features that is programmed individually. To use a plugin in a project, just drag and drop it directly into the Stage.

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