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Advanced Properties

Advanced properties offer you some settings that are useful for actions that affect asset or component styles. They also allow you to customize the behavior of components via individual scripts.

Adjusting Advanced Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the Advanced section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. You can type a value into the corresponding field, select a value from a list, or right-click a numeric field and change its value by moving your mouse while keeping the right mouse button pressed.

The following properties are available:

Unload on hide: Removes the component from memory when hidden. The upside of this setting is lower memory load, the downside may be that it takes time to reload the component as it is to be shown again.

Script: Click on the button to open a text editor. There you can edit your script that is specific to the particular component style that this button is located in. The programming language in use is JavaScript. Learn (a bit) more about JavaScript in this section.

Background Offset: Here you can enter the position of the asset on the component.

Background Scale: Here you can enter the zoom of the asset on the component.

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