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Button Properties

You can use Button properties to adjust the appearance of a Button component. The main usage of buttons is to trigger actions on other components, such as starting a media player playlist, or rendering components invisible. Therefore, the main work with buttons is creating the corresponding actions.

Adjusting Button Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the Button section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. There you can select an imported image asset from the drop down menu and use it as the background for your image component.

Button Properties

The Button properties are basically the same as the Text properties, except for the first, Background Image property that is describe below. For all other properties please refer to the Text Properties section.

Background Image: Set an image from your imported assets as the background for the button. Depending on the size of the button, you may have to edit an image to fit the button correctly.

Working with Button Properties

With one setting available at the time being, there's not much to configure for a button. The background is an aesthetic choice and does not affect the button's function in any way. The main usage of buttons is in triggering actions. That is where the main work is done.

Other important settings for buttons are located in the Touch Behavior section. Particularly the Inactive feature is relevant when working with styles and actions. For instance, you may want to disable buttons when a video is started, keeping users from starting other videos or committing other actions that could distract from the content.

To learn how to control buttons this way, see the Actions and Styles sections.

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