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Drop Pane Properties

You can use Drop Pane properties to adjust the functionality of a Drop Pane component.

Adjusting Drop Pane Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the Layout section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. You can type a value into the corresponding field, or select a value from a list.

Drop Pane Properties

Working with Drop Pane Properties

Drop panes are fascinating parts of many multi-touch scenarios, and learning how to use them properly is very beneficial. Also, the specific property settings aren't too voluminous.

Fill Mode determines how components will be scaled as they enter the drop pane. Depending on the components you are placing in the drop pane and on their property settings, result may vary. Therefore, this is a function that you might want to test in the Stage before going live with it.

To avoid having any components pulled randomly into the drop pane, the assignment to a drop pane must be done explicitly by giving a drop group name to components that you want to be affected by the drop pane. By default, this group is called "drop". Simply write "drop" into the Drag and Drop properties of any component that you want to be droppable on the particular drop pane.

Of course, working with multiple drop panes is possible. In this case, it is reasonable to create multiple groups and assign different group names to use them separately. However, individual components can be assigned to a single drop group.

Note: Disabling the drop pane’s touch behavior has no influence on the drop pane’s functionality. Using groups is the best way to set limitations of the drop pane.

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