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HTML Interactivity Properties

HTML Interactivity properties are assigned to Media Player components. They allow you to determine how HTML assets are presented within the corresponding Media Player. This includes offering a virtual keyboard for text entry and changing the touch behavior of the media player for easier navigation.

Adjusting HTML Interactivity Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the HTML Interactivity section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. You can type a value into the corresponding field, select a value from a list, or right-click a numeric field and change its value by moving your mouse while keeping the right mouse button pressed.

HTML Interactivity Properties

These are the available settings in the HTML Interactivity section:

Using Drag Lock

Typical multi-touch operation may conflict with navigational principles of HTML. For instance, when displaying HTML assets in a media player, parts of long webpages are likely to be 'below the fold'. Attempts to scroll down with touch gestures may result in moving the media player instead.

To make navigation easier, the user can activate the Drag Lock feature from the control bar of the media player, provided it has been enabled in the Inspector. Once the user has activated the drag lock, the media player will stay fixed in place so that the user can easily navigate HTML content.

If you are going to provide interactive or navigable HTML content, we recommend using the Drag Lock feature to facilitate its use.

Note: HTML assets cannot use full screen mode. For instance, YouTube videos won't play full screen in a media player component.

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