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Image Properties

You can use Image properties to adjust the appearance of an Image component.

Adjusting Image Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the Image section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. There you can select an imported image asset from the drop down menu and use it as the background for your image component.

Image Properties

Background Image: Set an image from your imported assets as the background for the image component. Depending on the size of the component, you may have to edit an image to fit the button correctly.

Working with Image Properties

It's helpful to adjust the size of the asset file before importing it into Touch Creator to ensure that it fits with your components formatting.

Image components are very basic and contain just a single asset. For this reason, most of the property adjustments for an image asset are made in the Layout properties or the Touch Behavior properties. However, Image components can receive touch events and therefore be used to trigger actions.

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