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Layout Properties

You can use the Layout section in Inspector to adjust the appearance and position of the corresponding component. In modifying the Original style, you can determine where the component's starting position will be, as well as some other properties such as rotation and visibility.

Note that Layout properties are only relevant for components that have a visual appearence on the multi-touch interface. Components such as Network Sender, Network Receiver or Timer do not show up and therefore have no Layout properties.

Adjusting Layout Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go the Layout section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. You can either type the values into the corresponding field, or right-click the field and change the value by moving your mouse while keeping the right mouse button pressed.

Layout Properties

Working with Layout Properties

Learning to work with Layout properties in Touch Creator is one of the most basic elements of creating a multi-touch scenario. Since Layout properties determine important factors such as the size, position and scale, they are the first property adjustments you're likely to make when adding a new component.

The Size property determines the actual size of the component while the Scale feature zooms it in to the specified percentage scale. This is particularly relevant for styles and actions, which are discussed in their corresponding sections of these help pages.

Color selection may vary by the kind of component you currently have selected. For instance, button components have a border color function.

Concerning visibility, it is essential to note that even though an asset or component may be invisible, it still exists within the multi-touch scenario and may affect interaction depending on other settings.

Some components that by itself have no visible appearance, such as Layers, still have a Visible property. Though changing this property does not affect the appearance of the layer, it will affect child components assigned to it. Making a layer invisible will render all child components invisible.

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