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Timer Properties

You can use Timer properties to adjust the way a Timer component works.

Adjusting Timer Properties

Select the corresponding component in the Scene Manager and go to the Layout section located under the Properties tab in the Inspector. You can type a value into the corresponding field, or right-click a numeric field and change its value by moving your mouse while keeping the right mouse button pressed.

Timer Properties

Active: Select this option to have the timer start right at the beginning of the scene.

Interval: Enter the length of the interval in milliseconds that must elapse before the timer "fires". If you enter 3000 ms, the timer will fire every 3 seconds.

Working with Timer Properties

The interval time that should be set for the timer depends on the scene and functionality you're creating.

For instance, you might want to toggle the visibility of another component to draw attention to it. Create for the timer a Toggle Visible action with the other component as the receiver. Try some different interval values to find an interval that has the best effect.

If the Active option is already set when the scene starts, the timer will begin to run immediately. When the time is over, the timer "fires", i.e. it posts an event that can be used for triggering actions. Then the timer starts running again until it fires the next time.

The way to stop a running timer is by giving it a custom style in which it is inactive. Then use style actions to change back and forth between the original, active style and the inactive style of the timer.

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