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Templates are stored versions of well done components or component structures that you wish to re-use in future projects. You can create a template in the Scene Manager.

Creating a Template

To create a template, right click on a component in the Scene Manager and select the Create Template option. Created templates will appear in the Template section of the Library.

Once saved, templates are available in every project you open in the current Touch Creator in the future. For this reason, we suggest giving templates telling names that for instance indicate where the templates are from or what their purpose is.

Using Templates

Templates are a very useful feature that can help you keep your scenarios consistent and save a lot of time in Touch Creator.

In a template, all settings are saved except those based on content. This means that for instance Layout and Touch Behavior properties will be saved in a template, but any assets used e.g. for the background image or in a playlist will not be preserved.

You can make templates of any components, for instance of entire layers or scenes and their child components. This is particularly convenient if you wish to re-use the structure of a well done scene or layer in new projects. With nice templates available, you just need to add new assets and fresh content to create another attractive project.

Exporting Templates

You can export templates to Finder for use in other Touch Creator instances. To do so, just right click on the component in the Scene Manager and select Export Template. You will be asked to give the template a name and choose a location to save it to. You can use the template in other Touch Creator instances by simply dragging it from Finder into the corresponding Touch Creator interface.

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