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Understanding the Stage

The Stage is a live rendering of the multi-touch scenario you're currently working on. Content shown in the Stage can be interacted with in almost the same way as content on an actual multi-touch system. This gives you a powerful tool for testing how your multi-touch interaction would work on your Touch Players.

Viewing the Stage

In order to use the Stage more efficiently, first zoom it to a practical size. You can set the Stage to be as large as the current size of its pane by clicking on the button located in the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the sliding bar also located in the toolbar or type in a value to adjust the zoom level of the Stage.

By holding the ALT key while turning the mouse wheel, you can zoom in on spots in the Stage in order to see them more closely. You can also choose to hide the bounds indicating the physical screen by clicking on the button in the toolbar.

Using the Stage

In Preview mode, touch behavior on the Stage is simulated with your mouse. To simulate multiple finger touches, right click on any point of the screen to place a set touch point. Then left click anywhere else to place another touch point.

By doing so, you can simulate touch gestures such as pinch gestures for scaling or circular gestures for rotating. To remove the set touch point, simply right click on it again.

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