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Pressed Style

The Pressed style is a style that is applied to a Button component when it is clicked on. Buttons are the only components that have a Pressed style by default.

Creating Pressed Styles

When a Button component is added to the Stage, a few image assets needed for buttons are imported and some useful default settings are applied to the button so that it can be used right away without further configuration.

This procedure is carried out only when a new button is added. To achieve the effects of the Pressed style for other component, you need to reproduce the steps manually. Besides making the right settings, it also takes the use of actions to achieve this goal.

Once you've selected the Pressed style, you can change its properties to have it differ from the Original style the way that you want.

Note: If you delete the Pressed style, you need to restore it manually. As an alternative, you can create a new button a replace the old one.

Using Pressed Styles

The initial benefit of using Pressed styles is that it needs only little effort to give users a visual feedback when touching a Button component. Also, you can make the button change size or color, move to a different location or have a new background.

You can achieve these effects very quickly by simply changing the properties in the Pressed style as opposed to the Original style.

Note: Transitions between styles have great influence on how your multi-touch scenario will look like. Therefore, understanding how transitions work is essential for creating styles. You can learn more about that in the Transitions section.

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