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Player Installation and Setup

Installing Touch Player on a suitable Mac is easy and very much like installing any other application. The installation is briefly described in the following section. The sections further below show the steps that need to be done in Touch Player Preferences in order to adapt the physical display setup to Touch Player.

Installing Touch Player

Download the current version of the Touch Creator installation file from the Resources section of the ~sedna gmbh website. The downloaded DMG file contains the files needed for Touch Player and Touch Creator. Open the DMG file and proceed with installation.

Please follow the instructions given. Also, take care to read both the Release Notes and the Important Notes included in the DMG file. If the Mac your Touch Player is running on does not pass the compatibility test, we recommend you refer to the Hardware Requirements section and provide a Mac that is suitable. You can find a more detailed description of a demo installation in this section.

For each instance of a ~sedna touch application, a license is required. Please visit the Contact page on our ~sedna website to look up how you can get in touch with our sales team.

Note: With the introduction of ~sedna touch version 2.0, the licensing model was changed too. If you wish to upgrade existing applications, you need to acquire a new license for each individual application instance. Neither Touch Player nor Touch Creator can collaborate with applications of previous versions.

User Rights

The operation of Touch Player requires standard user rights as a minimum. However, installing it requires administrator privileges. For technical reasons, it is also required that Touch Player is run under the same user account that the installation was carried out under.

If that account happens to be an administrator account, the installation will be carried out with no further action needed. However, if that account is a standard user account, the credentials of an administrator will be asked for during installation.

Note: Please make sure that the user account Touch Player is to be operated under has a password set. User accounts with no password set are not supported.

Setting Up Touch Player

Once you've finished installing the Touch Player, proceed to complete the basic setup of Touch Player. The physical setup of multi-touch displays and the way in which they are physically connected to a Mac is described in the manuals delivered with the corresponding multi-touch devices.

The steps below show how to set up a single multi-touch display. If you plan to use multi-touch displays that are supported by Touch Player, you don't need to install further software. To see which displays are supported, please refer to the Supported Multi-Touch Displays section. If you plan to use more than one display, refer to the Multiple Displays section.

To make an initial setup of Touch Player, please follow these steps:

  1. Start Touch Player to open Touch Player Preferences. If Touch Player is running in playback mode, press ⌘ + , to stop the playback and open the Preferences window. If the hotkey doesn't seem to work, you may need to change the focus to Touch Player by repeatedly pressing ⌘ + TAB on your keyboard until Touch Player is selected.
  2. Open the Touch Player tab. In the Display section, check the list with attached displays and click on the Identify Display button to determine which display you want to configure. Remember the name of the display, for instance "Display 1".
  3. Go to the Touch Tracker tab. Select the Tracker Version of the corresponding display and enter the Displayname that you remembered from the previous step. If you need to make changes to the parameter settings, click on the Custom Settings checkbox and modify the corresponding fields.
  4. The setup is done. Touch the surface of the display to verify the Tracker is working. If so, you should see the touch responses in the Touch Preview section. If the touches are misplaced, you may need to check the Custom Settings in the Touch Tracker section.

If the touches appear on the right spots, Touch Player is ready to play back your multi-touch projects.

Player Mac Preferences

Open the Player Mac's Systen Preferences and go to the Sharing section. There you need to activate the Remote Login option as pictured below.


These settings will allow Touch Creator to find Touch Player. Most likely, the Player will be found through the Bonjour protocol. However, if that shouldn't work, you can enter the data manually using the computer name from this dialog, or the IP address below the green Remote Login indicator.

Driver Setup Tips

Here follows a short list with tips on the driver setup of some devices.

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