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Touch Overlays

Touch overlays are devices that are mounted on top of standard displays to add multi-touch capability to them. They are handled by OS X as input devices very much like a mouse or a joystick. Therefore, they do not affect the number of displays that can be attached to a Mac.

Touch overlays provide resolutions of up to 32768 x 32768 pixels sufficient to operate six 4K displays, although no available Macs have the performance needed to operate such a setup. However, a well equipped Mac Pro can operate six Full HD displays using touch overlays.

Installation and Setup

This section provides a brief description on how to take a ZaagTech touch overlay into operation. The setup of other touch overlays such as provided for instance by PQ Labs is similar to that of ZaagTech devices. More detailed information is available in the manual provided with the corresponding device.

To use a ZaagTech touch overlay with Touch Player, proceed as follows. To begin with, please download and install the software from the manufacturer. Attach the corresponding device to your Touch Player Mac, and install the ZaagTech software.

Note: The software provided by PQ Labs and ZaagTech can be subject to changes by the manufacturer without prior notice. The procedures mentioned below may change at any time. However, the description given will most likely stay valid in its outline.

Go to the OS X Applications folder and open the zinFrame Server application. Here, it is essential that the mouse emulation is deactivated to prevent the ZaagTech display from showing the mouse cursor during use. Also, do activate the TUIO option on port 3333. The TUIO (Tangible User Interface Objects) is a versatile public domain protocol used to control multi-touch devices.

In addition to the settings mentioned above, you might have to adjust a few other settings. If you have set up the ZaagTech device to another than the standard horizontal orientation, you might want to go to the OS X Display Preferences and adjust the orientation of the ZaagTech device (90, 180, 270).

Also, go to Touch Player Preferences, open the Touch Tracker tab and adjust the orientation to match the one that you entered in the system Display Preferences of the Touch Player Mac. Once you've completed these settings, you can use your ZaagTech touch overlay with Touch Player.

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