Help Topics Version 2.0

Project Settings

In the Touch Creator Project Settings, you can set up target Players for your project and adjust the resolution settings for your multi-touch display.

Connecting with Touch Player

Connecting Touch Creator to Touch Player is easily accomplished in the Touch Creator Project Settings.


Two options for adding Touch Players are available in the Project Settings. In the Project Players section, click on the button and select either Add Player Manually or Add Bonjour Player. With the first option, you have to enter the information into the provided fields. However, any Player in your network segment can be added through Bonjour and should appear in the provided list.

Double click on a Player entry in the Project Players to display the host name and user names of the corresponding Player. Please enter a password into the designated field if required.

If the name is displayed in green color, the Player is connected and ready for publishing. If it is yellow, it's connected but information needed for publishing is still missing. Try double clicking on it to ensure that all details are correct. If the Player is displayed in red color, the Player is not connected.

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